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Like other  graduates with a net worth of -$40,000, I’m consistently nomadic, moving around every few years. The only constant is the junk that I move around with me as the same furniture and decoration gets adapted to the changing layouts of walls. Thus, the shells of the buildings in which I have lived are seized by these objects.

This project explores the issue of the interior through its relationship to architecture and other design fields—product and graphic design. Historically, the interior has been treated as a supplement of architecture, but in recent years and especially in dense, urban areas, the interior has colonized architecture.

In 2001, Rem Koolhaas published the essay Junkspace, in which he argues that the fallout of modernism is the endless interior, the product of new technologies and mechanical systems. He doesn’t necessarily want junkspace, but knows that we can’t resist it, that it will create itself.

Similarly, In Koolhaas’ book Delirious New York (1978) he talks about the idea that the exterior, the monument of the skyscraper, is irrelevant, while the inside constantly changes. The interiors of every New York skyscraper floor are constantly being renovated and renewed as tenants move in and out.

Following Koolhaas’ preoccupation with the interior, this project begins with a catalog of small, medium, and large objects, taken from my own living space, and placed into absurdist shapes and forms which explore figuration, typography, and iconography.


"A" - Bebas Neue

"a" - Comic Sans