Travel Portland // Portland is Happening Now


To celebrate all of the quirks that make Portland, Portland, Travel Portland sought out the doers and makers in the city to conceive of 32 zines.

We worked on the production and layout of each of the 32 submissions and fully designed and illustrated a number of the zines. Additionally, our campaign featured an online digital library, socks, postcards, retail window clings, TV spots, an out of home zinebox library stand, and a mural.



We designed socks, produced by The Athletic, as a giveaway item through our Chinook Book Deal Zine.

Initially designed as a background for online wallpaper ads, this collage grew to become an overarching visual representation of the campaign, used in postcard designs, window cling displays, a repurposed newspaper stand to house our zines, and as texture for other Travel Portland events outside of the campaign.

Digital Production // Design

Zine Design // Illustration

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